INDER Seven Winner - IPDB Link

July 17, 2010

New Projects.. It's been a while since I've updated but I have quite a few new projects including this elusive specimen right here. It's a Spanish made pinball called Seven Winner from a company called INDER.. I've uploaded photos to the IPDB (they did not have any at the time of writing this)

When I picked it up I expect it to be an American pinball put together in Spain. Nope. It's 100% it's own beast. A friend told me these Spanish machines have some unique properties. It sure does. The biggest surprise is the plastic playfield. It looks like 1/4" lexan and the playfield 'paint' or 'ink' is underneath like a traditional playfield plastic part (like the sling plastics). The backglass and playfield artwork is 100% mint although a magnifier might reveal some defects. I have not plugged it in yet.

One minor distressing issue is a slight rise in the plastic (lexan?) playfield in the center. Could be from years of Florida heat. I'm not sure how to deal with it for fear of damaging the playfield. I'm considering putting it out in the Sun on a hot day for a few hours with some weights on the center of the playfield. If anyone knows anything about this lemme know!...  As always, as time permits, I'll update the site.

Inder Seven Winner Pinball Backglass

Inder Seven Winner Pinball Playfield

Inder Seven Winner Pinball Cabinet