William's Jive Time Pinball

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Sept. 20, 2006 - COMPLETE!

Here it is, freshly rolled in.

Sept. 22-24 2006

This machine was well-worn but a good player. Much of the cabinet had names carved into it but this does add character to the machine. The back glass has worn out mainly in the yellow areas. All of the leg bolt nut plates were rusted and required re-tapping. The playfield was touched up which made it look worse than if it had not been. I clean it and removed the touch-up paint easily. Although worn, the play is good. I'm not planning a re-paint or touch up of the back glass, playfield, or cabinet. I did, however, give the machine a thourough inside cleaning ( heavy dust ) and cleaned, lubed, adjusted all mechanicals. The spinner PCB had carbon shorts between the traces - you can see them spark from across the room.

Tapping the nut plates.

tap rusty leg nuts

Cleaning the inside.

Cleaning the inside of the pinball cabinet

Clean and adjust the contacts.

Cleaning and Adjusting the contacts - Williams Jive Time Pinball

Playfield touch-ups. See the yellow overshooting into the orange.

Poorly Touched Up Playfield - Williams Jive Time Pinball

Touch ups removed.

playfield - touch up paint removed - Williams Jive Time

Carvings in the head. Who the heck is 'Dale Kirk'?

Who the heck is 'Dale Kirk' anyway?

The back glass - see the missing yellow in the 'Jive Time' logo and the shirt and hair.

Backglass - Williams Jive Time

The worn playfield.

Williams Jive Time Playfield

The Williams Jive Time Pinball Complete!

Williams Jive Time Pinball

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