Old News:

Nov. 2009

No news is good news - I'm just getting back into updating this page and restoring machines. I was inspired with the acquisition of a 1949 Williams DeIcer pinball - I really like the old stuff. Parts will be impossible to find most likely so I'll be making a few. I heard a rumour that there will be no pinball auction here this December. For information try their website: Superauctions

Aug, 2008

Pinball Auction - Superauctions will be here this Saturday, November 1st 2008 at the fairgrounds. I may attend if only to browse.

ALSO - IAAPA will be at the Orange County Convention Center Nov. 17–21, 2008 - I attended IAAPA last year - it cost $200 for the entire event. However, they did offer a special $30 single day entry on the final day. I called them and they said they're doing the $30 day this year also. This is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for anyone interested in what's new in the amusement industry. Keep in mind, however, STERN is the only Pinball manufacturer attending. Last year they had a few machines so if you're looking for pins this ain't the place.

March 2008

Pinball Auction - Superauctions will be here this Saturday, March 1, 2008 at the fairgrounds.

Some have noticed I don't have many machines for sale anymore. They outgrew my home and, while it was nice for a year, too many pinball machines can get to be overwhelming. I sold most of them off over Christmas and don't plan on buying new ones. However, I do forward requests to purchase machines to many others I know who actively buy and sell so don't hesitate to contact me if you're looking to sell a machine or two.

There's been a whole lot of new things going on around here including the opening of Aquatica, Seaworld's new waterpark. They had special passholder's sneak preview days on Feb. 24 and 25. I spent the day getting wet and getting sunburn. The park officially open March 1, 2008 with a grand opening spectacular scheduled some time in April.

Next Orlando Pinball Auction: December 8, 2007

Note: I did not attend the December 8 Superauction. You can find some references to it using this Google search.

IAAPA - Orange County Convention Center November 12-16, 2007

Being an engineer I had the opportunity to attend the IAAPA show this year. While there was little for pinball fans ( 4 machines from Stern on display ) there was much in redemption to be seen. Many new cranes and some great new interactive games and shooters. I also went up in 'Dinner in the Sky' - they hoist you up in a 200 ft. crane strapped to a table where you can 'enjoy' a meal ( if you can unclenched your locked hands from the table ).

June 30, 2007

The June 30th Superauction sucked for pinball machines. They had the typical line of over priced contemporary machines. We all gasped when a buyer bid a Pirates of the Caribbean up to near $3300. Add 20% tax + buyer's premium and that's around $3960 - just about the cost of a BRAND NEW IN THE BOX MACHINE! This was typical of the pinball sales.

A dead Black Knight with nice glass was the focus of the collectors - no boards. It believe went for $775 - Ouch! Auction prices are listed online here:

There was one beautiful Gottlieb Top Card ( nice job to the guy who restored it ) which went for around $450 - the highest price I've seen in years for an EM machine. Usually Gottlieb EM's go for around $200+/-. There was also a Williams Gridiron I had an interest in but it went for over $100 - more than it was worth in it's condition.

They did have a Chicago Coin Twin Rifle. Unfortunately it had the appearance of being drowned in a swimming pool. A lone bidder got this for $25. 100 hours of restore later this may be worth a few hundred dollars. As a parts machine it was a great deal.

The rest of the items were the typical run of last resort video games, redemption, and sit downs. I did see some decent deals on older model touch screens ( non working ) $5-$75.

The upside is that this time the auction was in a different building with decent air. Oh, well.

I left after the auction around 1pm as I had 3pm tickets for the Antiques Road Show at the Orange County Convention Center. This was an interesting afternoon although not pinball related. Needless to say we didn't bring any million dollar treasures.