10 Fascinating Facts about the TV Show "Married With Children"

10 Fascinating Facts about the TV Show "Married With Children"

  • Question 1: Who played the character Al Bundy?

    Answer: Ed O'Neill portrayed the character Al Bundy.

  • Question 2: Who played the character Peggy Bundy?

    Answer: Katey Sagal portrayed the character Peggy Bundy.

  • Question 3: How many seasons of "Married With Children" were produced?

    Answer: "Married With Children" had a total of 11 seasons.

  • Question 4: Who played the character Bud Bundy?

    Answer: David Faustino portrayed the character Bud Bundy.

  • Question 5: Who played the character Kelly Bundy?

    Answer: Christina Applegate portrayed the character Kelly Bundy.

  • Question 6: Who played the character Steve Rhoades?

    Answer: David Garrison portrayed the character Steve Rhoades.

  • Question 7: Who played the character Jefferson D'Arcy?

    Answer: Ted McGinley portrayed the character Jefferson D'Arcy.

  • Question 8: When did "Married With Children" first air on TV?

    Answer: "Married With Children" first aired on April 5, 1987.

  • Question 9: What was the Bundy family's address on the show?

    Answer: The Bundy family's address was 9764 Jeopardy Lane or 9674 Jeopardy Lane in Season 4, and 9764 Jeopardy Lane in Season 11.

  • Question 10: What is the iconic theme song of "Married With Children" called?

    Answer: The iconic theme song is called "Love and Marriage" performed by Frank Sinatra.

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