KJA Develops and maintains a low cost communications infrastructure used for numerous applications which you control from your smart phone, laptop, tablet, or PC without the need for a bloated, privacy invading app. All you need is Internet access and a web browser. Even slower, older hardware can be used as well as any device that has a web browser including Firestick, FireTV, Raspberry Pi, or others.

Examples of what this sytem can do for you is:

  • Your own in house restaurant menuing system featuring promotions displayed via video displays your already own throughout your business.
  • An 'on call' messaging systems for your venue that displays relevent information to patrons and attendees.
  • A fun new TV style game show you can use to attract new customers and promte retention of current customers.
  • Up to date Beer and Wine informational displays.
  • On Demand video sent to multiple displays via your smartphone without the need to load a bloated privacy invading app.
  • Anything you can think of, we can create for you.

More To come...

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