10 Questions and Answers about the TV Show Columbo

10 Questions and Answers about the TV Show Columbo

  • Question 1: Who played the character Columbo?

    Answer: Peter Falk played the character Columbo.

  • Question 2: When did the TV show Columbo first air?

    Answer: The TV show Columbo first aired in on February 20, 1968.

  • Question 3: How many seasons of Columbo were produced?

    Answer: Columbo had a total of 10 seasons.

  • Question 4: Which iconic catchphrase did Columbo often say during his investigations?

    Answer: Columbo often said, "Just one more thing..."

  • Question 5: Who was Columbo's usual mode of transportation?

    Answer: Columbo often drove a beat-up 1959 Peugeot Model 403 convertible.

  • Question 6: How long were the episodes of Columbo typically?

    Answer: The episodes of Columbo were usually between 70 and 98 minutes long.

  • Question 7: Which actor appeared as a guest star in the most Columbo episodes?

    Answer: Mike Lally appeared as the most as a guest star with at least 23 Columbo episodes.

  • Question 8: What was the name of Columbo's basset hound?

    Answer: Columbo's basset hound was named Dog.

  • Question 9: Which famous composer wrote the theme music for Columbo?

    Answer: The theme music for Columbo was composed by Billy Goldenberg.

  • Question 10: Did Columbo always wear his famous raincoat?

    Answer: Yes, Columbo was known for (mostly) always wearing his iconic rumpled raincoat. There are at least 13 known times he appeared without it.

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